A Compendium Of Labels Peeled Off Of
Beer-Bottles In Northeast America Between

~2009 & 2015

The Big Beer Label Book is a collection of
several hundred beer bottle labels. The label
artwork was captured at high resolution and is
exhibited here at no more that 2x scale. The
10" square paperback is the perfect gift for
aspiring graphic designers, beer aficionados
or those who appreciate beautiful works of art.

Labels in The Big Beer Label Book are all
from the New England region. The labels are not
sorted in any order, though there are multiple
indices sorted by brewery, name & type of beer.
Exploring the book proves an adventure where
two labels, randomly juxtaposed opposite one
another, provoke thoughts as interesting as
some of the content on the labels.

Complete with an introduction and essay by
the author, The Big Beer Label Book
also contains a DIY guide for steaming labels
off at home.

The book is finished, and currently seeking
representation from publishing agencies.
Contact joeblur@gmail.com with inquiries.

                      Joe Blair -- 2016